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Mrs. Eastwood's Classroom Rules

No Bullying will be allowed or tolerated!!!

  1. Please go to the restroom before the class begins. Due to excessive walking the halls or hanging out in the bathroom when you are supposed to be in class, I request that you go to the bathroom before class begins. You will not be allowed to go during class time. I understand that not everyones bladder works on a time clock, but you must try your best to go in between classes as to not disrupt my class or other teachers class time. If you need to fix your hair, make up etc please do so before you come to school as my classtime is not your beauty routine time.
  2. If you come to class after the tardy bell rings, you will be counted tardy. After 15 minutes of class time has passed and you have not arrived you will be counted absent for that class period. Remember 3 tardies count as 1 absence. Please come to class on time and be ready to work.
  3. Bring all materials for the class every day. You will not be allowed to return to your locker to retrieve materials.  example: Text book, IPad, Binder, Pencils etc.
  4. As per the Boswell Public Schools Handbook: Cell phones and music devices must be turned off and kept out of sight during class time. The only exception to this rule is in the case of a teacher authorizing the use of cell phones or other devices for educational purposes within the classroom setting. So this year we are going to try something new in my class. When you enter the classroom there will be a pouch for you to place your cell phone. When I am finished with my lecture and your work is complete, if time is available and you are all caught up on classwork I may allow you to get your phone.  Please refer to pages 37 & 38 in your school handbook.
  5. No cheating!! If I catch you cheating on my class work or another teachers class work in my classroom you will receive a Zero on the assignment,swats, and the possibility of suspension! This is for any and all involved in cheating. My classwork is not that hard if you pay attention during lecture, take notes etc. So you should easily be able to complete your work without having to cheat.
  6. No Food will be allowed in my classroom unless we as a class are having a food experiment that is related to what we are studying at the time. No exceptions to this rule!!!!!! Our janitorial staff works very hard to keep our building looking nice and they should not have to pick up food wrappers, crumbs etc after students. As per Boswell Schools Handbook: During school hours, food and beverages may be consumed inthe cafeteria or pavilion areas only. Teachers, by permission of the building principal, may on special occasions allow food and/or drink to be consumed in the classroom.   Please refer to page 39 of school handbook.
  7. It is your responsibility to take care of your class materials! If you loose or destroy a textbook you will be responsibile for the price to replace that book. Do not throw books, bend the covers backwards, stand or walk on the textbooks or over stuff with papers. Your binder is for your papers!
  8. If you miss class (absent) please be responsible and make sure that you ask for your missed assignments while you were gone. I always try my best to give you ample time to complete an assignment that has been missed but please do not bring me a paper from the 1st 9 weeks at the end of the 1st semester. If you need help with any assignment or work in my class I am always available to help you. If you need tutoring please let me know and we will set up an after school schedule for tutoring. I have always tried to be understanding when an assignment is late, but that being said, it is your responsibility to turn assignments in on their due date. It is your responsibility to complete research components  for your class on time. I generally always allow time to work on them during class, and I expect you to actually work on them. If you choose to play a game on the computer or mess around during that time please do not ask me for more time to complete your work that is due.